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Pilchuck Centrepiece Designer | 2008

Pilchuck Glass School is located in Stanwood, Washington and is a beautiful retreat-style glassblowing school. It relies on donor support and classes to function. It used to host a program called Poleturners where glassblowers and designers submit their designs for a chnace to be selected and have a team of 30+ glassblowers work together to produce 120 for the school's annual auction.

I volunteered to be on the production team starting in 2004 and did nine years in a row. In 2008 my team, Bee Kingdom, was selected to be the designers. I co-directed this 6-minute documentary that takes the viewer through our amazing experience.

Bee Kingdom Glass: Ryan, Phillip, Tim

Bee Kingdom: Ryan, Phillip, Tim


Our 2008 Poleturners

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