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As a character artist and designer my materials primarily include hot glass and digital illustration. My style is known for its vibrant palettes, playful nature, and is inspired by video games, cinema, Canadiana, and Japanese cute culture. I've also created the visual design and UI for a mobile app, Cityfighter, that connects fighting game players with local opponents to avoid the frustrations of online play and strengthen local scenes.

UX/UI Design: Case study: CITYFIGHTER

Mobile App - Slideshow
View it at Behance too!

< Video capture of Cityfighter in motion

Designing a giant: The Fabulist

Case Study: The Fabulist - Slideshow
View it at Behance too!

Designing a giant #2:
The Saturnian

Case Study: The Saturnian - Slideshow
View it at Behance too!

Project: Pilchuck Centrepiece Designer | 6 min documentary

Digital illustration
& graphic design