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About Me

I've been an award-winning professional artist and designer since 2005. In 2006 I co-founded and operated Bee Kingdom, a Calgary-based collaborative glassblowing studio that specialized in world-wide art exhibitions, retail, and custom client projects. In addition to being the graphic designer, I was the lead designer in charge of creating production series and working closely with clients to bring their ideas to life.

I am also trained in UX/UI and love the user-centric approach to design and applying my clean, colourful aesthetic to UIs.


As a designer my design super power is my vibrant colour palettes and playful, cute character designs. My mediums include hot glass, paint, inflatable fabric, and digital illustration. Digital tools of choice include Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop and Figma.


UX Design, 2021

York University

This comprehensive course teaches core UX technical skills including the design thinking process, research methods, visual design, wireframing, prototyping, and industry applications.

Through real-world and hands-on projects, learn how design thinking relates to UX and explore the role it plays in ensuring innovations in technology continue to put people first. Gain core job skills employers are looking for, including logical problem solving, research skills and active communication.

BFA, 2001-2005

Alberta University for the Arts

This four year program focused on the design process, including ideation, analysis, critique, complex problem solving, research, and prototyping, to develop complete bodies of work. Other skills acquired including presentations, project proposals, grant submissions, team work, and staging exhibitions.


BUMP (Beltline Urban Mural Projects)

Calgary, AB | 2021

DINOSAURS: A T-Rexhibition

The Sticky Tounge Gallery

Calgary, AB | 2006-present


Calgary, AB | 2015-2019

The Saturnian and the

Fabulist installation

Tuponia: A Canadian Fantasy

Ruberto Ostberg Gallery

Calgary, AB | 2010

Magical Thinking

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Montreal, QC | 2009

Iconoclasts in Glass

Glenbow Museum

Calgary, AB | 2014

Pictoplasma’s Character

Portrait Show

Berlin, Germany | 2014



Monterrey, Mexico | 2014


Saint Elisabeth Church

Berlin, Germany | April 2014


Berlin Glas e.V.

Berlin, Germany | 2012



Ruberto Ostberg Gallery

Calgary, AB | March 2014


Garage Montage

Art Gallery of Calgary

Calgary, AB | May - June 2013


Glass Conference

Calgary, AB | May 2013


Ruberto Ostberg Gallery

Calgary, AB | May June 2012

Natural Flow

Alberta Craft Council

Edmonton, AB | Oct - Dec 2011

Esplanade Gallery

Medicine Hat, AB | July - Aug 2011

Invasion: Pictoplasma

Nadania Idriss Gallery

Berlin, Germany | April 2011

Soft Power

Ruberto Ostberg Gallery

Calgary, AB | March 2011

Nadania Idriss Gallery

Berlin, Germany | Setp - Oct 2011


Katakouzenos House Museum

Athens, Greece | Oct, 2009

Nadania Idriss Gallery

Berlin, Germany | April 2009

The Works Festival

Edmonton, AB | March 2014

The Future is Later

Nadania Idriss Gallery

Berlin, Germany | Aug - Sept 2008

Art Gallery of Calgary

Calgary, AB | June 2008

Discovery Gallery at the Alberta Craft Council

Edmonton, AB | March 2008

Craft Biennale 

Cheongju, South Korea | 2007

Awards & Honours

Avenue Magazine

Top 40 Under 40


(Nominated again in 2018)

Alberta Craft Council Award

for Artistic Excellence


Lieutenant Governor of

Alberta Emerging Artist



Nominated for Mayor’s

Evening for the Arts Award


Nominated PACE Award in

Artistic Innovation


Nominated for the

Telus Arts Award



Watershed+ Program

Calgary Public

Art Collection

Calgary, Alberta

City of Calgary Municipal


Calgary, Alberta

Alberta Foundation for

the Arts, Povincial

Glass Collection

Calgary, Alberta

Tacoma Museum of Glass

Tacoma, WA

Private collectors in Germany, Australia, USA, and Canada


Ghost Stories YYC: Volume 1

Includes short story, Carton in the Woods, by R. Fairweather

Calgary, Alberta | 2019

Pictoplasma Portrait Exhibition

Berlin, Germany | 2014

The New Artisans 2

by Olivier Dupon for Thames and Hudson | 2015

Uppercase Magazine, Issue #17

Calgary, AB | 2013

Rooms Magazine, Issue #5

London, UK | 2011

Vorsicht Glas 200 - 2010 AD,

Survey of Islamic Glass

Berlin, Germany | 2010

Avenue Magazine, Fall Issue (cover for Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40)

Calgary, AB | July 2010

Legacy Magazine, Fall issue


Calgary Herald, Real Life

Calgary, AB | August 2007

Avenue Magazine

Calgary, AB | April 2006

Swerve Magazine

Calgary, AB | April 2006

Western Living Magazine

June/July 2006

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